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Learn English while having fun

You may want to make a presentation in English and impress your colleagues, or even yourself. You may want to be a star at the TOEIC. You may want to travel to see your cousin in Canada. Or just want to understand Bob Dylan. Rosbeef can help you out, whatever your profile.

Graphéine has supported Rosbeef in defining its positioning and creating a joyful and accessible brand universe. When it comes to foreign languages, to progress, you have to speak. The logo we have is designed is an invitation to speak English, in Lyon and elsewhere.

speaking english


Illustration is an important part of this visual identity. We aimed at illustrating the popular untranslatable expressions (for example: "Il pleut comme vache qui pisse" in French becoming "it's raining cats and dogs" in English) in order to create a playful and poetic visual universe, as well as a casual approach to Shakespeare's language.

Each business card is illustrated with a different expression to learn how to speak English in a fun way. As a first invitation to play with English. It is also a way for the teacher to quickly test the level of English of the student.

donkey illustration âne

All communication materials were printed in risography by Kiblind Atelier in Lyon.
The 8 illustrations can be found on the back of the leaflets, creating a small series of Rosbeef posters.


Test your English level with a quiz on English expressions. Try to discover the equivalent French expression using the illustrations, and feel free to challenge your friends or simply share the game if you enjoyed it.


In exchange for this visual identity creation, Graphéine Lyon's team benefits of English lessons with Katie (Mrs Rosbeef!). A true weekly break that is giving fruit, since over the past 2 years we have multiplied by 4 the number of projects managed in English. That said, we still have some progress to make...

Who's Rosbeef ?

Behind Rosbeef is Katie Lodge, British teacher/translator who has worked in Lyon for 15 years.

She teaches at both private and public institutions, small businesses with big ideas. Her students are mainly adults, but she rarely says ‘no’ to a motivated 10-year old.
In her small suitcase of qualifications, she has a CELTA certificate from Cambridge for teaching English to adults, a Masters in English Literature, Language and Translation and she's a qualified BULATS examiner.

In short, a rare and exciting person thanks to whom the Graphéine Lyon team has been able to make great progress in English!

The illustrations

This project would not be what it is without the illustrations skills of Jonas and Klervi. On the basis of Katie's various proposals for untranslatable expressions, Jonas and Klervi skillfully translated these expressions visually in an offbeat and humorous way. The result is a dozen amazing illustrations that will certainly make you work your English!

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Project expertise:
Logo creation, visual identity and graphic guidelines. Creation of illustrations.
Type of client:
Communication in the education, higher education and health sector. An indispensable partner in the transformation of the health and wellness industry through the alchemy of creativity and technology.

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