Création logo minimaliste typographique sourire Opéra de Saint-Étienne


Saint-Étienne Opera House
And the magic opera(te)...

With more than 150 curtain lifts for around 60 performances throughout the 2014-2015 season, the Saint-Étienne Opera House is a landmark of great cultural importance, a predominant player in the cultural life of the city.
The objective laid out in this commission was to re-establish a sense of closeness with the people of Saint-Étienne through simple and down-to-earth communication. The main change was forgoing the “Opera-Theatre” name in favour of “Saint-Étienne Opera” to reflect an image of a traditional Opera House for its aficionados, but also to draw in potential opera-goers.
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Project expertise:
Logo creation, visual identity and graphic guidelines.
Type of client:
Cultural communication agency for theaters, concert halls, festivals, dramatic and choreographic companies. Communication for live performance places and companies.

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