Food Film Festival poster… Cinema and gastronomy !

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A poster in homage to Cinema and Gastronomy !

We were looking for a poster idea for a film-themed party. We came up with this idea, mixing cinema and gastronomy... a bit off-topic for our client, but it would make an excellent poster for New York's "Food Film Festival". It's a festival where you can come and taste what you see on screen ! My eyes are already tasting it !

Here, Charlie Chaplin's famous bowler hat is transformed into the lid of a restaurant dish. The film reel becomes that recognizable little moustache. Great cinema meets great gastronomy in a candlelit film !


The Food Film Festival ?

The "Food Film Festival" specializes in creating multi-sensory food and film experiences. During the events, guests watch films about gastronomy and simultaneously taste the dishes they see on the screen from their seats !

Throughout the year, the festival's production team travels the world to bring the spirit of the Food Film Festival to new cities. No matter where they go, each of their events is organized to showcase a different part of the culinary landscape. No two events are the same. In a way, each festival is a new cinematic recipe!

What's more, each event benefits a local food-related charity. Bravo !

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