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Here's the (not selected...) project we presented during the consultation for the "Design of a communication territory for Terminal 3" at Lyon St-Exupéry airport.

Context : In anticipation of the growth in low-cost traffic, Lyon Airport is extending the infrastructure of Terminal 3. As part of this project, a new building will be constructed. This Satellite, located on the runways, will be joined by an aerial and then an underground gallery. One of the challenges of this tender was to scenic design the connecting gallery. The goal was to create a pleasant, reassuring and entertaining space, while reducing the perceived length of the route (250 meters).

Our strategy is to imagine a narrative design whose summary would be "The world begins here".
While in airport vocabulary a satellite defines an annexed building designed for passenger boarding, in common vocabulary it's a star orbiting a more massive star. The route from today's Terminal 3 to the satellite, although only a few hundred meters long, can be seen as a journey from the earth to the moon, or more concretely, as a journey from Lyon to the (imaginary) world. The satellite symbolically represents the dream destination, a place of surprises and fantasies.
This story unfolds over the entire length of the gallery, beginning in "Lyon today" and gradually sliding towards "an imaginary world".
In order to reduce the feeling of a long walk, we propose to use the principles of kinetic and optical art, i.e. to play on the aesthetics of movement: displacement of the traveler, movement of the work (escalator), variation of lighting.... To discover the story being told, the traveler is invited to move, to be in motion.

The various stages of the journey will be identified through immense anamorphoses. As the anamorphosis is deconstructed, a sensation of speed is created, poetically altering the notion of time and space, and reducing the sense of duration of the journey.

The Aerial Gallery: Lyon today...




The underground gallery : the imaginary world...







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