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Resourceful and itinerant, the hobos developed a secret language system, doomed to disappear, to leave clues for their fellow hobos.

From the Nazis to the moon, Futura is probably the most used typeface in the world, and yet it’s not new!

How to see more clearly in the typographic classification and which tools allow to choose and recognize the typographies?

In their search for a universal language, Leibniz and his disciples may have attempted to create the impossible. And yet…

Didot was for a long time the spearhead of French typography. Let’s discover how this bicentennial typeface managed to combine finesse and elegance to cross the centuries, and remain at the forefront of fashion!

Last chapter on french publishing houses, the split between Poche and Folio, the graphic inventors, and the return of the beautiful independent book.

Publications The agency's works are regularly awarded and published, in France and abroad. Étapes 267 - FR Project : Centre Social Louise Michel Editor : Pyramid Date : 2022 Good by Design - HK Project : Autre Soie Editor : Victionary Date : 2022 60th anniversary Helvetica Typeface - ES Project: Helvetica Tribute poster Editor: Husmee Studio Date: 2018 The Field Guide to [...]

Les Rencontres de Lure. For 61 years, strange wackos have been meeting every summer in “Lurs-en-Provence” to redo the typography in particular and the world in general. In a climate of camaraderie, under the Provençal sun, perched on a rock, all the faces of typography are discussed.

Retrospective of Roger Excoffon’s work. Graphic designer, typographer and type designer 1910-1983. The creator of the Banco, Mistral, antique olive typography… but also of the Air France visual identity.

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